From Our Students and Families

Letter from student;

I really love going to Sandhills Alternative Academy because it’s a great place. The girls and boys are wonderful and the teachers are also awesome! SAA’s manager, Pam Easterling love children and loves helping them with their problems. This academy is a good place to learn how to get along with others. The summer program is very amazing. During the year, we do therapeutic activities. Sandhills Alternative Academy is the place to go to enroll a child or teenager into this type of program. This program can turn your entire life around in a good way. The best part about this program is that the boys gout to the log cabins and the girls stay at the office.

-Former student

Letter from parent

I am so glad my son has gotten this chance to attend Sandhills Alternative Academy. Until he started coming to school here, it was a battle getting him to attend school regularly. Now he likes going to school. When he left public school last year, he was in the 7th grade and barely making D’s. Since attending Sandhills, he has working on an 8th and 9th grade level, and on his report card last year he had six A’s and one B. He likes all of his teachers and other adults that work with him. Since attending school here, he has been able to get his driving permit. When he turns 16 in November, he will be able to go on to get his GED which he wants to get really bad.


Testimonials Letter from a school faculty member

August 27, 2009

Sandhills Alternative Academy is a valuable resource for many at-risk students. The Academy provides an alternative means for students who are encountering academic and/ or behavioral problems in the regular school environment. Instructors work on helping students develop life skills through a variety of activities. After attending Sandhills Alternative Academy, many students have returned to the regular classroom setting with a sense of self-worth, and they are successful in the classroom.

-Jamie Allen-Greene Assistant Principal - Rockingham Middle School