What We Offer


Our Services Include:

Day Treatment Program (Programa de Tratamiento de Día)

Outpatient Therapy

Intensive In-Home (Programa Intensivo en el Hogar)

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)

Diagnostic Assessments and Referrals

• Academic - By working with our county schools and Richmond Community College, we are providing students with their educational needs.

• Trade skills including: Introduction to welding, carpentry, sewing, landscaping and more.

• Developing workplace readiness

• Establishing financial planning

• Building character

Our services are provided by our multidisciplinary staff including Medical Doctor, Licensed Professsional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists, Qualified Professionals, Para-Professionals, Teachers and others. Our experienced staff are dedicated to the care and well being of the individuals we serve and families.

For further information regarding our services, please call us at (910) 417-4922 or email us any time at info@saltacademync.com

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Day Treatment Program


The Program's Purpose

1. Build Character     

• Champion the good      

• Nurture self-esteem      

• Establish principles of leadership      

• Develop proper conflict resolution techniques      

• Increase communication skills      

• Motivate success driven activity      

• Build on the power of positive reinforcement      

• Establish anchors of personal relations      

• Offer hope, help, and encouragement                    

2. Improve Academia      

• Reading, writing, and spelling      

• Math and science      

• Social studies      

• Geography      

• Health and physical education 

3. Develop Workplace Readiness      

• Explain why we work      

• How to seek work and be successful      

• How to apply for a job      

• Interviewing      

• Beginning the job

4. Establish Financial Planning      

• Income (gross/net)      

• Money facts      

• Control spending


Although our focus is behavioral/mental health treatment, our day treatment program offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities; ranging from music, team sports, to art classes. We have options that cater to every individual's treatment/service plan and interests. 

What We Do

Our program at Sandhills Alternative Academy provides a positive, structured, and challenging therapeutic environment in order to nurture and support individual and group/social competencies.

Our program is prepared to assist with challenges such as:

• Chronic behavioral and emotional problems  

• ADHD (hyperactivity and associated emotional challenges) 

• Depression  

• Post-traumatic stress disorder  

• Anxiety-related disorders  

•Family conflicts  

• Parenting issues  

The day treatment program of Sandhills Alternative Academy offers structured school- day-treatment individualized for each child’s needs and age group.  

The day treatment program offers the added advantage of allowing a child to undergo care while still living at home. The program also individualizes each child’s needs while utilizing the group benefit and family-based treatment approach.

Recipients of the Program

The program recipients are children and adolescents from age 5 to 18. The children are divided into groups, adolescent girls, and adolescent boys. The children ranging from 5 to 8 years of age are in a combination class consisting of both boys and girls. The adolescents are separated, with adolescent boys ranging from 9 -15 years of age and the adolescent girls ranging from 9 to 18 years of age.  

Treatment Team

• LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor 

• Medical Director 

• QP - Qualified Professional 

• PP - Para-Professional 

• Parent/ Guardian + Child 

• Other Agencies Involved 

Parental Participation

Active parental/guardian involvement in treatment program goal setting, treatment plan, and daily integration provides the greatest opportunity of success for the child or adolescent. Regular communication between the parent and treatment team enhances the care and the child’s successful outcome. 


Admission to Sandhills Alternative Academy's Day Treatment Program is based on medical necessity. Referrals can be made to our program by courts, school system, DSS, as well as other providers.

For additional information regarding our Day Treatment Program, call us at (910) 417-4922

Programa de Tratamiento de Día

Intensive In-Home


About the Program

When a home environment becomes unstable, Intensive In-Home Services (IIHS) provides a family-based approach to crisis resolution. The service is designed to defuse the current crisis, evaluate its nature, stabilize the home, and prevent out-home-placement. IIHS helps preserve the family and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.

Using a team approach, IIHS is designed to address identified needs of children ages 3 to 17 that have severe behavioral and/or emotional problems. Teams are led by licensed clinicians and supported by highly trained mental health professionals. Families begin working with their IIHS team to identify problem areas and goals in order to implement solutions.

Families have access to intervention via crisis response 24 hours a day and 7 days per week by their IIHS team.

Criteria for Services

 Per NC Clinical Coverage Policy 8A, an individual is eligible for this service when all of the following criteria are met: 

 • There is a mental health and/or substance use disorder diagnosis (as defined by the DSM-5 or any subsequent editions of this reference material), other than a sole diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability. 

 • Based on the current comprehensive clinical assessment, this service was indicated and outpatient treatment services were considered or previously attempted, but were found to be inappropriate or not effective. 

 • The individual has current or past history of symptoms or behaviors indicating the need for a crisis intervention as evidenced by suicidal or homicidal ideation, physical aggression toward others, self-injurious behavior, serious risk taking behavior (running away, sexual aggression, sexually reactive behavior, or substance use). 

 • The individual’s symptoms and behaviors are unmanageable at home, school, or in other community settings due to the deterioration of his or her mental health or substance use disorder condition, requiring intensive, coordinated clinical interventions. 

 • The individual is at imminent risk of out-of-home placement based on his or her current mental health or substance use disorder clinical symptomatology, or is currently in an out-of-home placement and a return home is imminent.

 • There is no evidence to support that alternative interventions would be equally or more effective, based on North Carolina community practice standards (Best Practice Guidelines of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine). 

What Families Learn

The services are primarily delivered to families in their home and community settings:

 • Crisis-Resolution - We assist the entire family in crisis resolution through individualized services developed in partnership with the family

 • Establishing Home Stability - We strive to keep the family intact, providing home-based behavioral support

 • Coping and Social Skills - We provide self-help and living skills to the child while providing parenting skills to help family members cope with the child's disorders

 • Providing Support - We monitor effectiveness of interventions and progress while ensuring connections to needed community resources for food, utilities, housing, clothing, and other needs

Family goals typically include helping youth understand responsibility and consequences for behavior while parents learn how to best manage the youth at home, school, and in the community

To receive additional information about Sandhills Alternative Academy's Intensive In-Home Program, please contact us at (910) 417-4922


Programa Intensivo en el Hogar

Outpatient Therapy


Description of Services

Per NC Clinical Coverage Policy 8C, outpatient behavioral health services are psychiatric and biopsychosocial assessment, individual, group, and family therapies, and psychotherapy for crisis. Our agency refers to appropriate provider for medication management and psychological testing for eligible beneficiaries. 

These services are intended to determine a beneficiary’s treatment needs, and to provide the necessary treatment. Services focus on reducing psychiatric and behavioral symptoms in order to improve the beneficiary’s functioning in familial, social, educational, or occupational life domains. 

Outpatient behavioral health services are available to eligible beneficiaries and often involve the participation of family members, significant others, and legally responsible person(s) as applicable, unless contraindicated. 

Based on collaboration between the practitioner and beneficiary, and others as needed, the beneficiary’s needs and preferences determine the treatment goals, frequency and duration of services, as well as measurable and desirable outcomes.  

Interested in Outpatient Therapy Services? Call us at (910) 417-4922

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Diagnostic Assessments and Referrals


Clinical Comprehensive Assesment

Per NC Clinical Coverage Policy 8C, a comprehensive clinical assessment (CCA) is an intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of a beneficiary’s presenting mental health, developmental disability, and substance use disorder. This assessment results in the issuance of a written report that provides the clinical basis for the development of the beneficiary’s treatment or service plan. The CCA written report must be kept in the service record.

Why is a CCA needed?

A comprehensive clinical assessment that demonstrates medical necessity must be completed by a licensed professional prior to provision of outpatient therapy services, including individual, family and group therapy. The clinician may complete the CCA upon admission or update a recent CCA from another clinician if a substantially equivalent assessment is available and reflects the current level of functioning. Information from that assessment may be utilized as a part of the current comprehensive clinical assessment. Relevant diagnostic information must be obtained and be included in the treatment or service plan. 


Once a CCA is completed, the licensed professional clinician will make recommendations and refer the beneficiary to the appropriate level of services. If our agency does not provide the recommended service, our staff will refer the beneficiary to the providing agency of the beneficiary's choice.

Appointments can be made by calling at (910) 417-4922

Este sitio esta en construcción. Comuníquese con nosotros al (910) 417-4922 para obtener ayuda. 

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program


What is Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program?

Per NC Clinical Coverage Policy 8A,  Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) means structured individual and group addiction activities and services that are provided at an outpatient program designed to assist adults and adolescents to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance. The program is offered at least 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, with no more than 2 consecutive days between offered services, and distinguishes between those individuals needing no more than 19 hours of structured services per week. The individual must be in attendance for a minimum of 3 hours a day in order to bill this service.

SAIOP services include a structured program consisting of, but not limited to, services such as: 

 • Individual counseling and support

 • Group counseling and support

 • Family counseling, training, or support

 • Biochemical assays to identify recent drug use

 • Strategies for relapse prevention to include community and social support systems in treatment

 • Life skills

 • Crisis contingency planning

 • Disease Management

 • Treatment support activities that have been adapted or specifically designed for individuals with physical disabilities; or individuals with co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance use; or an intellectual and developmental disability and substance use disorder 

Who is eligible for this service?

The recipient is eligible for the service when at the very least, there is a significant substance abuse problem leading to a mental health diagnosis.

A licensed therapist will complete a comprehensive clinical assessment that demonstrates medical necessity. If qualified, the client will be approved. All relative diagnostic information shall be obtained and included in the Person Centered Plan.

What improvements should I expect?

One expected outcome of SAIOP is abstinence (no use or abuse of drugs of alcohol).

Secondary outcomes include:

 • Sustained improvement in health and psychological functioning

 • Reduction in any psychiatric symptoms if they are present

 • Reduction in public health and/or safety concerns

 • Reduction in the risk of relapse as evidence by improvement in empirically supported modifiable relapse risk factors

Our Staff

SAIOP services provided by Sandhills Alternative Academy  are delivered by staff who meet the specified requirements for LCAS ans CSAC. Services are provided under the clinical supervision of a licensed clinician who is on site during the hours the service is in operation

Call us at (910) 417-4922 to receive more information about our SAIOP services or to make a referral 

Este sitio esta en construcción. Comuníquese con nosotros al (910) 417-4922 para obtener ayuda. 

Referral Form

Please download, complete the form, and fax to us a (910) 417-4923  or email the form to us at info@saltacademync.com 

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