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CABHA certified CARF Accredited

To receive additional information about Sandhills Alternative Academy or to make a referral, please call us at: (910) 417 - 4922

A creative caring wilderness day-camp environment that helps children recognize their potential, set goals, fulfill their dreams, and find success. Sandhills Alternative Academy is a nationally accredited organization.

Our Program’s Focus

To provide children with emotional and behavioral problems a positive, structured individualized and challenging therapeutic environment in order to foster social competencies and personal potential.

Our Program’s Purpose

1. Build Character
    • champion the good
    • nurture self-esteem
    • establish principles of leadership
    • develop proper conflict resolution techniques
    • Increase communication skills
    • motivate success driven activity
    • build on the power of positive reinforcement
    • establish anchors of personal relations
    • offer hope, help, encouragement
2. Improve Academia
    • reading, writing and spelling
    • Math and science
    • social studies
    • geography
    • health and physical education

3. Develop Workplace Readiness
    • Why we work
    • how to seek work and be successful
    • how to apply for a job
    • interviewing
    • beginning the job
4. Establish Financial Planning
    • income (gross/net)
    • money facts
    • control spending
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