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To receive additional information about Sandhills Alternative Academy or to make a referral, please call us at: (910) 417 - 4922

About Us
What we do:
Our program at Sandhills Alternative Academy provides a positive, structured, and challenging therapeutic environment in order to nurture and support individual and group/ social competencies.
Our program is prepared to assist with:

• chronic behavioral and emotional problems
• ADHD- hyperactivity and associated emotional problems
• depression
• post-traumatic stress disorder
• anxiety-related disorders
• family conflicts
• parenting issues

The day treatment program of Sandhills Alternative Academy offers structured school- day-treatment individualized for each child’s needs and age group.

The day treatment program offers the added advantage of allowing a child to undergo care while still living at home. The program also individualizes each child’s needs while utilizing the group benefit and family-based treatment approach.
Who is involved?

Recipients of the Program:
The program recipients are children and adolescents from age 5 to 18. The children are divided into groups, adolescent girls, and adolescent boys. The children ranging from 5 to 8 years of age are in a combination class consisting of both boys and girls. The adolescents are separated, with adolescent boys ranging from 9 -15 years of age and the adolescent girls ranging from 9 to 18 years of age.

Treatment Team:
• LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor
• Medical Doctor
• QP - Qualified Professional
• PP - Para-Professional
• Psychologist
• Parent/ Guardian + Child
• Other Agencies Involved

Parental Participation:
Active parental/ guardian involvement in treatment program goal setting, treatment plan and daily integration provides the greatest opportunity success for the child or adolescent. Regular communication between the parent and treatment team enhances the care and the child’s successful outcome.
Finances & Admissions
Most of the participants are funded through Medicaid and Health Choice. If you have another form of insurance, financial concerns or questions regarding a child’s eligibility please call Sandhills Alternative Academy at (910) 417-4922 for assistance in these matters.

Admission to Sandhills Alternative Academy is based on medical necessity. Referrals can be made to our program by courts, school system, DSS, as well as other providers. Appointments can be made by calling (910) 417-4922.
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